What to do with Reluctant Husbands and Children

I was recently taking a workshop in preparing raw food when I mentioned that a common question I receive is “What do I do about my husband/child/teenager? They won't eat raw food etc, etc.” The room went quiet.

I could feel the ladies moving forward in their chairs to hear what pearl of wisdom I would offer to solve their dilemma and have cooperating families all eating raw food. “Well,” I said, “nothing really.” Nervous laughter followed as they all sat back into their chairs again.

What I went on to say was a pearl of wisdom, I think, but it doesn't necessarily give you what you want. The only person you can change in this world is yourself. Concentrate on your health if the rest of the family aren?t interested, and become the walking advertisement.

Let me remind you of a basic human trait: the more someone is reminded/taught/preached at/nagged (choose the verb to suit you - they're all the same, anyway) the more they will resist/ignore/get mad. Even though you genuinely want the best for them your enthusiasm is more likely to be counter-productive. An exception to the rule is that my husband and I think that children need to eat what?s on the menu not be individually catered for.

Life will not do this for them and it's a good idea to learn this at home. However, that doesn't mean culinary changes should get forced on them suddenly. Earlier I talked about being kind and taking Baby Steps. This applies to any changes you want to make to your family's health. Try making the easier, tasty raw alternatives more available and processed food less, and do it bit by bit. Your aim is to create willing eaters not force-feed.

To help you along, here is a lovely chocolate dipping sauce for fruit (don't even buy the marshmallows, and then it won't be an issue).

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