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Aloe Vera and Sea Plant Supplement Body Balance

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Alternatively, you can call 0800 445 967 (a NZ number) (quote pin #20646853) to buy wholesale at the same price we do. Being a liquid it contains two preservatives but the benefits far outweigh the concerns. If your normal diet is low in preservatives then your body should eliminate these two efficiently. BTW there is a 45 day, 100% money-back guarantee on Body Balance. You can contact us if you want to talk more about this or if you don\'t like ordering via the internet and want

Body Balance is a Sea Vegetable/Aloe Vera liquid supplement; a multivitamin, multi-mineral, phytonutrient (and more) dispenser. A liquid is easy to take, and the cherry flavour tastes great. It is also good value for money: being a liquid it is up to 98% absorbable whereas pills/tablets have only between 10 - 30% absorbability. Studies show the soil in which our food grows is nutrient deficient. For conventionally grown fruit and vegetables this means the NPK fertiliser used supply only three minerals. There are 85 essential minerals so where are the other 82 going to come from? For organically grown food, yes it\'s true, there will be more minerals available for the plant or animal to absorb and pass on to us but those amounts will vary depending on how long the land has been \'organic\' and its location. To rectify your garden situation you could visit the beach after every storm and bring home bagfuls of seaweed which will supply you with the sought-after selenium. You can collect all the neighbours\' compost and grass-clippings, and clean out their animal cages for their dirty bits. But how realistic is that? Despite caring for certified gardens or orchards in the most efficient way, there will still be some mineral deficiencies. So this brings us back to the question: where are you getting all your minerals from? Body Balance supplies over 120 vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the land and sea. It is completely bio-available for immediate assimilation and use at the cellular level.

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