Getting Started

One of my favourite visual reminders is a stone dropping into water and watching the ripples go out. I think life can be a bit like that - a starting point, then progress outwards. There is a different rate of rippling for you as there is for me.

I am not suggesting that you immediately cease to eat or drink anything that is not raw. I am suggesting that you choose where to begin in making your changes

That is the key: begin to make changes bit by bit. Sudden and sweeping changes only set you up for failure and, unless you have a health issue, I do believe that gradualism greatly increases the likelihood of your success in your pursuit of wellness.

I would say there are priorities: removing MSG (flavour enhancer), aspartame and trans-fats from your diet. (Doing this will give a huge jump in your food changes.) Another priority would be trying to include a salad in your evening meal and preferably for lunch, too. Also, start replacing bad snacks with good snacks; or at least working on the ratio of bad v good

Some foods need to have a taste acquired for them, but all in good time. When a body is used to eating sugar loaded, fat enriched and chemical infused food it takes time to lose and gain an appreciation for the taste of real food.

The most important raw foods to increase are greens. For those to whom this is possibly off-putting, let’s leave that for another day. Just start with more fresh fruit and vegetables and feel the difference it can make.

For me, if food doesn’t taste good, I won’t eat it. I am ‘so over’ forcing my way through a dish or drink simply because it is good for me. I remember the days when health food tasted like cardboard with a texture to match. It doesn’t have to be this way. Exceptions could include herbs for liver cleansing - they’re supposed to be bitter - probably to ensure you don’t eat too much.

Here’s my last gem: raw food is the ultimate fast food - fruit, nuts, carrots, bananas, whatever is on hand and seasonal. Just grab it and go!

Be kind to yourself as you make these wonderful adjustments…baby steps, baby steps!

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