How will Raw Food help me?

Choosing to eat more raw or uncooked food is highly likely to result in a ‘new you’. Not only will you be improving your overall health, but you could find weight loss an encouraging side-effect.

Also, you may feel an increase in energy, and who couldn’t do with more of that?

I think it could be an exciting and interesting process. Your purse will be heavier and you will be lighter.

It’s quite possible you will save money by not being sick as much, or going to the doctor so often and not taking as many sick-days off. Soft tissues cost a small fortune, prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines and doctor’s appointments all put a hefty dent in your finances.

Your increased clarity of mind and less tiredness can potentially increase your income as your mind is clearer to create and produce. It’s no mistake that health and wealth often go together.

If you want to fast-track your progress and increase your success, then follow the advice of a wise book that says to “buy wisdom.” I agree; it will save you both time and money.

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Nature has provided us with a wonderful range of everything we need for our health but you have to eat it first! Osmosis is for the trees.

What happens when you put the wrong fuel in a car? What happens to a garden if the soil isn’t fed each season? No matter where you look in nature and in man-made products, you get out what you put in - including YOU. Give your body what it needs and it can do a grand job of getting on and improving your health and in some case giving you back your life.

If You Have Diabetes, Please Read This

Following a total or high raw diet can help control and in some cases reverse Type 2 diabetes.

If you DIY with raw food changes be aware that a raw recipe book or site may advocate dried fruit, especially dates. They are the base of a few sweet treats.

Timing is important for eating sweet things, diabetics will know this. You might be able to eat date-based sweets as part of a meal rather than a mid-morning snack that spikes your blood sugar.

It is vital that you stay in contact with your doctor. Preferably get his or her blessing for your raw adventure and absolutely do not come off your meds without your doctor’s guidance.

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